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This is the place! Enrich your life and increase your happiness!

Mindfulness practice made easy and accessible.

Can you recognise yourself here?

I believe Mindfulness is a great way to enrich my life, but…

It’s not our fault that we struggle. Keeping a Mindfulness practice going is challenging!

That inspired us to create this place, to support your practice and enrich your life.

Introducing The Mindfulness Community

It’s always available for you. To give you clarity on how to practice Mindfulness. To help your practice unfold in an deep and exciting way. To have the chance to connect with like-minded people and to share your own experience.

What can Mindfulness help you with?

We know well what the benefits of Mindfulness are… Research shows us that it can give us the following and more…

Increasing focus and concentration

Generating self-compassion

Improving relationships

Helping quality of sleep

Reducing anxiety and depression

...Here’s what you need in order to really transform your life:


Authentic training inspires and sustains your practice

Practice in a community

Mindfulness practice works best as part of a group

Share your experience

Your challenges and insights help us all learn

Integrate it in daily life

Learn how to be Mindful throughout the day

TMC facilitates all that...

Meet Keith

Keith has a Masters in Mindfulness-based Approaches from Bangor University in North Wales. At the time this was the first University in the world where Mindfulness could be studied to Masters level. More importantly though, Keith has over twenty years experience studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness.

Mindfulness has played a wonderful role in my life. Sharing these practices is my passion, and I love to find new ways to teach and to pass on these benefits to others.

"Keith’s expert guidance and teaching throughout the course has significantly reduced feelings of being stressed and overwhelmed. By helping me to slow down I can see the joy, the beauty and the positivity in life again."
Suzanne Reilly
Speech & Language Therapist
"Keith’s gentle way of teaching the MBSR course helped me integrate mindfulness into my life, regular meditation is now a key part of helping me deal with the everyday stresses of life."
Clare Desbonnet
Director of Operations – Roche Ireland

What's inside TMC?

Live Teaching and Practice
Learn in the most engaging way with our Live Teachings. Don’t worry if you miss a session – they are always available for you to watch back. For a practice boost, Join our weekly Live streamed Meditations.
Courses and Media Resources

Learn at your own pace with our Online Courses
Dive deeply into Courses on Mindfulness & Self-Compassion
Enjoy our growing collection of Courses by Guest Experts.

Discussions and Sharing

We facilitate Live Groups to help you get the most out of TMC
Practice together and get to connect with like-minded people.
Continue the conversations in the Courtyard, our dedicated Forum.

Instant access to a growing library of videos and audio files to support your practice

Learning to meditate is easier when you have Guided Practices to use. We are delighted to share different types of meditations in our Audio Resources section. These vary in length from 3 Mins up to 30 mins and include the main Mindfulness practices of Sitting Meditation, the Body Scan Meditation, Mindful Movement and Mindful Walking.

We will also be adding to our growing collection of resources available as Video and downloadable Guides & Ebooks.

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We are ready to welcome you!

The Mindfulness Community has been built with you in mind. The Courses are ready, the Live Training is streaming and we are here to support your Mindfulness journey. Look forward to meeting you inside TMC.

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